What’s really weighing on the minds of employees right now?

    Despite layoffs in the U.S. reaching a historic low, employees across the nation are still worried about being laid off, Inc. reports

    A recently released Glassdoor report shows that the share of company reviews mentioning “layoffs” increased last month and remains elevated—up some 28% from last year. The report also showed that workers’ confidence in employers grew last month but was still “muted.”

    This year’s notable tech layoffs occurred months ago, so it may seem curious that layoffs remain a concern. But Glassdoor’s lead economist Daniel Zhao says it’s not unusual to see a mismatch between employee sentiment and layoff data.

    “There’s a risk that employers aren’t paying attention to simmering tension underneath the surface because they think, ‘Hey, things are fine at my company. Why should my employees be concerned?'” he says.   

    The report also shows that employees aren’t just talking about layoffs—they’re paying attention to the reasoning behind those layoffs. Glassdoor reviews that mentioned “overhiring” increased 24% year-over-year and 3.4 times over March of 2022, according to the report, coinciding with recent rounds of layoffs.  

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