Waguespack: Sad, speechless and spent

    Ridiculous. Unbelievable. Heartbreaking. These words are the words that came to mind this week as images of our nation’s Capitol being treated like a frat house on a drunken weekend came across the airwaves, writes Stephen Waguespack, president and CEO of Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, in a new opinion piece. 

    America, a country that has long been the world’s admirable torch bearer for bedrock pillars such as democracy, freedom, morality and justice, showed that unfortunately we also have another uninspiring side of ourselves that we hate to acknowledge. The world sees that we are a nation going through some version of a midlife crisis, currently having trouble living daily by the principles we so proudly espouse.

    This must change, Waguespack writes. We all must get back to being that shining city on a hill. But that will not happen without every single American taking a good, long look in the mirror.

    Many elected officials from competing political parties can barely stand the sight of one another, much less have the rapport to work out complicated compromises on some of our most pressing issues. Our independent media has lost their independence and for many citizens they have been replaced by an unfettered social media system that is overflowing with hateful rhetoric, faceless agitators, manipulative liars and unlimited manufactured entities meant to deceive and sow discontent. Our election process is archaic, inconsistent and untrusted. Spending is high, taxes are likely to go up, our schools are falling behind, our cities have burned, law enforcement has been undermined, minorities feel unprotected, businesses have been shut down, unemployment has spiked and our churches have been closed for roughly a year.

    If the 244 years since our country’s independence were a marriage, this year would at best be called a “rough patch.” Perhaps a little marriage counseling is in order, Waguespack writes. Read his full column here.