Virus roundup … 

    • President Donald Trump’s push for $2,000 COVID-19 relief checks now rests with the Senate after the House voted overwhelmingly to meet the president’s demand to increase the $600 stipends, but Republicans have shown little interest in boosting spending. The outcome is highly uncertain heading into today’s session.

    • The coronavirus crisis has had a profound impact on Americans’ long-term financial outlook. Now, 21% of workers say their confidence in being able to retire comfortably has waned since the pandemic began, reports the Transamerica Institute in the recent survey report Retirement Security: A Compendium of Findings About U.S. Workers. USA Today has the full story. 

    • In a year when the coronavirus has racked up an unbearable death toll, recent preliminary data from the federal government suggests an overlap with another staggering figure: More Americans died from drug overdoses in a 12-month period than at any other point in history, according to a PBS report. 

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