Valuable leadership lessons, from employees to entrepreneurs

    Being an entrepreneur comes with a commitment to never stop learning, whether that means looking to the competition to stay ahead or keeping up with the latest industry trends and technological advancements to help your business thrive.

    But with all of this outside information coming in, it’s sometimes easy to forget that your own organization can be a treasure trove for business tips and advice.

    Inc. interviewed six entrepreneurs about some of the most valuable lessons they’ve learned from their employees, here’s a samplet:  

    • Be more communicative—effective communication is key in a business setting, especially between employer and employee. But even if you think communication is your forte, there is always room for improvement, according to Angela Ruth of Calendar.
    • Listen to learn—Matthew Capala, founder and managing director of Alphametic, learned one must listen to effectively lead. Remember, employees want to be heard and listened to just as much as the boss does, and it boosts productivity.
    • See everyone with fresh eyes every day—“The biggest lessons I’ve been taught by team members are that people evolve and change, and that seeing everyone with fresh eyes every day helps that growth happen,” says AccessAlly Founder Nathalie Lussier.

    Read the full story for the rest of the list.

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