Valencia Park going before Planning Commission in April

    After months of delays, the planned family- and veteran-centric apartment complex in Spanish Town is set to be considered by the Planning Commission in April.

    Developers for the proposed 122-unit Valencia Park have struggled to get their plans to meet UDC requirements for parking. Rezoning the property as a Small Planned Unit Development has been on the Planning Commission agenda since December, but was postponed until the January meeting by Planning Director Frank Duke and, again, until February by Councilwoman Tara Wicker.

    In February, Planning Department staff filed a report saying they couldn’t certify the request because it proposed 142 parking spots instead of the 155 required by the UDC, and the Planning Commission unanimously approved a 60-day extension for the Renaissance Neighborhood Development Corporation to revise their plans for additional parking.

    “We understand that the parking plan we submitted will require an additional 13 spaces, so we would like the time with our architect and engineer to redesign the building footprint to accommodate this within the site,” Vanessa Levine, RNDC’s development director, told the commission at its February meeting, adding that they’d like to build a fourth floor to “free up some site area” for the additional spots.

    Despite several attempts to reach her since December, Levine was unable to be reached for more information before this afternoon’s deadline.

    Read the full April agenda.

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