University House lawsuit combined with injury suit

    While Scion Group completes some $15 million in repairs to University House, a student housing complex near LSU’s North Gate that has been riddled with problems, its lawsuit against the previous owners is still making its way through the court system.

    It’s been nearly two years since Scion filed suit against development’s previous owners, Landmark Construction and LMK Baton Rouge Construction, alleging the property was plagued with serious defects when they bought the property in 2015.

    That suit is now combined with one filed on behalf of four former residents who allege mold in their apartment caused significant health issues, including asthma-like symptoms, anxiety and hair loss.

    It’s unclear when that case, Kai Michelle Ross et al. v. The Standard at Baton Rouge LLC, could be resolved. The defense was requesting subpoenas as late as last November and a trial date hasn’t been set.

    Earlier this year, Scion Group Vice President Eric Bronstein told Daily Report that he couldn’t predict when a legal resolution would be made, but that the group was moving forward to repair the property—with or without a court judgment.

    “There’s a greater degree of cooperation among the parties to get a clear picture—and hopefully one day a resolution—that’s not evident in the court filings,” Bronstein said at the time, adding  that the company’s legal pursuits were more about long-term recovery and didn’t affect business plans nor renovation efforts, which are fully funded.

    Bronstein was unable to be reached before this afternoon’s deadline for more information.

    Last summer, the group halted leases and began moving remaining residents from the property, shuttering the complex for the year so they could make repairs. The apartment complex will be rebranded before reopening next school year.

    Scott Loeb, the defense attorney, was unable to be reached for comment before this afternoon’s deadline.

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