Under pressure, ExxonMobil will begin reporting plastic spills  

    ExxonMobil has agreed to start reporting plastic pellet spills from its polymer production plants under shareholder pressure to prevent ocean pollution, the shareholder group As You Sow said Wednesday.

    As The Houston Chronicle reports, Exxon’s petrochemical division has several plants that produce plastic pellets, called nurdles, which are used to produce thousands of everyday plastic products. These tiny plastic pellets, which can be spilled during handling and transportation and swept into waterways, are estimated to be the second largest direct source of microplastic pollution to the ocean by weight.

    As You Sow filed a proposed shareholder resolution in January with several major petrochemical producers, including ExxonMobil, Dow Chemical, Phillips 66 and Chevron, asking for annual reporting on spills and measures taken to prevent and clean up spills.

    Exxon appears to be the first one that caved to the pressure. Under a deal struck with the group, ExxonMobil will begin providing details about whether any spills occurred, specifics about how it is monitoring for spills and how it is managing pellets. Read the full story.  


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