U.S. workers’ relationship with PTO tainted with guilt

    While many see paid time off as an opportunity to refresh from the workplace, a new study suggests many American workers are riddled with guilt when it comes to taking advantage of the common work perk, Fast Company reports

    Two out of five workers feel guilty for taking paid time off, according to a new survey by Zenefits, a human resources software company, and almost half of employees don’t take paid time off because of demanding workloads or worries about job security. 

    Forty-nine percent of employees don’t use all their allotted vacation days either, despite 75% of respondents agreeing that paid time off makes them feel more productive and healthier at work. A quarter of employees said they would be willing to take a pay cut to get more paid time off. 

    So who is to blame? Zenefits points the finger at employers, writing that “company policies are definitely misaligned with employees’ need for rest.” Read the full report.

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