This way to the C-suite: LinkedIn charts 57 routes to become an exec

    If you have aspirations to one day make it to the C-suite, you’re in luck—the room is getting bigger. 

    That’s according to LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs Report, compiled by a team of data scientists and economists who looked at the hiring patterns for 57 different C-suite jobs, from more traditional titles such as chief financial officer to more contemporary additions, like chief people officer. 

    Companies that may have had a five-member executive team a decade ago may have up to 10 or more C-level executives leading them, according to the report. And nearly half of the job titles the LinkedIn team tracked saw annual hiring growth of 10%. 

    Chief growth officer is currently the fastest-growing executive position by demand in the U.S., showing 42% annual growth since 2015. Only four titles saw a decline in hiring, mostly technical and financial-related positions. 

    Many companies are expanding their C-suite to address specific operating issues in their industry. Chief digital officers are a popular addition to print publishers and television stations, while nonprofits are adding chief development officers to focus on fundraising efforts. 

    Chief people officer is also a hot executive spot. With a 32% hiring growth rate, CPOs are being added to software and tech executive teams to help craft positive team cultures and advise the CEO. It’s also a position seeing a majority of female hires, with 71% of CPOs being female. Read the full report. 


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