Take a peek inside Baton Rouge’s new French bakery  

    Anass Ecacharkaoui was introduced to the world of making French desserts when he moved from Morocco to France for college. Now, he’s brought his expertise to Baton Rouge.

    Ecacharkaoui lived in France for 10 years, working in coffee shops and creperies. After living in Louisiana’s Capital City for the past four years, he decided to open his own dessert shop, Bonjour, which debuted in September on Essen Lane. 

    “I noticed there’s not really a creperie that makes sweet crepes in Baton Rouge,” Ecacharkaoui says. “We wanted to do a dessert shop and make them sweet.” 

    The scent of Bonjour’s crepes greets guests as soon as they walk through the door. 

    Inside, the restaurant is brightly decorated, with a mostly black-and-white theme.  

    There are more than 10 different options on the menu for crepes, from fruit-focused to chocolate-doused. 

    A lot of the other desserts on the menu are customizable, like waffle sticks: waffles shaped into sticks and served like popsicles; and bubble waffles: thick, fluffy waffles shaped into cones and filled with your choice of ice cream; and, of course, the regular waffles. 

    Bonjour also offers a large array of milkshakes, decorated to the brim with a wide selection of treats—and available to go.

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