Store shelves remain a priority for retailers

    While American shoppers will buy almost anything online, the old-fashioned store still beckons when it comes to household mainstays like razors and tampons, the Wall Street Journal reports.

    That reality is hitting some of the world’s biggest consumer-products companies, which collectively have invested billions of dollars in startups in recent years that sold directly to consumers. Upstart brands are finding they must move into stores to compete outside of niche territory, for at least two reasons: 1.) Big retailers can give brands critical visibility, and 2.) Consumers generally prefer buying household staples in a single shopping trip to enrolling in many subscription services.

    Dozens of online consumer-products startups find their success depends on getting on shelves of Walmart, Target and other traditional retailers. Even some celebrity-fueled startups have made the shift, such as Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics brand, which began selling in Ulta Beauty Inc. stores last year.

    In addition to getting on store shelves, they’re investing in TV and print advertising, discovering they can’t rely on social media marketing alone. Read the full story.

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