Siegen neighborhoods voting on possible rezoning lawsuit

    Audubon Terrace and Morning Glen residents will vote next week whether to file a lawsuit to enforce deed restrictions of lots along Siegen Lane and Interstate 10 that were rezoned from residential to general office low rise use earlier this year.

    The Metro Council approved a handful of the lots—owned by the Metrailer family for decades—to be rezoned in February, while another couple of adjoining lots didn’t make it past the Planning Commission. The rezoning faced criticism from residents of the neighborhoods, expressing concerns about increased traffic congestion at an already busy intersection and the lack of direct access to Siegen Lane, requiring traffic to go through neighborhood streets.

    “When you look at other places zoned for general office low rise, those properties are all along major thoroughfares,” says Bill Gibson, an area resident who has spearheaded the neighborhoods’ opposition to the rezoning.

    Gibson will lay out the residents legal options at their annual meeting next week, and should they go to court, he’s confident the scales will tip in their favor. The residents recently won a similar lawsuit, he says, against area developer Kevin Nguyen to restrict use of nearby lots to residential use.

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