Sen. John Kennedy wants ineligible Medicaid recipients to pay back benefits

    U.S. Sen. John Kennedy said he will ask the federal government to claw back money from thousands of Louisiana Medicaid recipients who may be ineligible for the insurance.

    He is also demanding the state account for how much money was “wasted,” USA Today reports.

    The Louisiana Department of Health sent letters earlier this month to about 37,000 Medicaid recipients informing them they may be removed from the program after a new computer program determined their income exceeded eligibility levels.

    Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards and his Louisiana Department of Health Secretary Rebekah Gee have touted the new technology as a way to root out potential Medicaid fraud.

    Gee noted the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services alerted her agency last week that the state’s Medicaid program “is one of only a few in the nation that has used best practices to combat fraud and abuse.”

    The Associated Press today reported the recipients that are scheduled to be removed from the program have until March 29 to present information demonstrating they meet Medicaid income requirements.

    But Kennedy contends the Edwards administration has dragged its feet in the past in identifying Medicaid misspending. Read the full story.

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