See who’s running in the upcoming election

    The qualifying period for Louisiana’s November election closes today with the races for president, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives and several judgeships on the fall ballot.

    The candidate qualifying period often is the unofficial kickoff for the campaign season in Louisiana. 

    Below are the candidates who have qualified so far with the Secretary of State’s office: 

    U.S. Senate—Bill Cassidy (R-Baton Rouge), John Paul Bourgeois (no party-Gretna), Derrick “Champ” Edwards (D-Harvey), David Drew Knight (D-New Orleans), Antoine Pierce (D-Baton Rouge), Reno Jean Daret III (no party-Metairie), “Xan” John (other-Lafayette), Adrian Perkins (D-Shreveport), Aaron C. Sigler (L-Hammond), Peter Wenstrup (D-New Orleans), Beryl Billiot (no party-Kentwood), Jamar Montgomery (no party-Shreveport), Dustin Murphy (R-Eros), and Melinda Mary Price (other-Luling). 

    U.S. Representative 2nd Congressional District—Belden “Noonie Main” Batiste (I-New Orleans), Cedric L. Richmond (D-New Orleans), David M. Schilling (R-Hahnville),  Glenn Adrain Harris (D-New Orleans), Colby James (I-New Orleans), and Sheldon Vincent Sr. (R-Harvey). 

    U.S. Representative 6th Congressional District—Garret Graves (R-Baton Rouge) and Richard Torregano (no party-Baton Rouge). 

    Mayor-President Metro Council, City of Baton Rouge—Sharon Weston Broome (D-Baton Rouge), Jordan Piazza (R-Baton Rouge), Tara Wicker (D-Baton Rouge), Frank Smith III (R-Baton Rouge), and C. Denise Marcell (D-Baton Rouge). 

    To see all of the judicial, Metro Council and other candidates, click here.  

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