See how much Louisiana courts awarded in ‘nuclear verdicts’ last year

    Louisiana courts awarded $436 million in “nuclear verdicts” that exceed $10 million, The Center Square reports. 

    The report, released by corporate and political communications firm Marathon Strategies, says the number of these high-dollar verdicts increased by 27% in 2023. Further, the median verdict value rose to $44 million from a low of $21 million in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Most of these Louisiana verdicts—often against pharmaceutical, oil and gas and trucking companies—were in state courts, to the tune of $409 million, with $27.7 million in Louisiana’s federal courts.

    Earlier this year, a report concluded the gross product lost to excessive tort litigation in Louisiana is about $5.17 billion each year, with $3.54 billion in direct costs.

    Several reform bills―including one that would provide transparency for third-party financing for lawsuits―are stalled in the Louisiana Senate

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