SEC joins growing push for corporate disclosure of climate risks

    The Securities and Exchange Commission held meetings this month with powerful K Street and Wall Street players as regulators mull new rules on corporate disclosure of climate-related risks.

    The possibility of new rules means that disclosure could move beyond voluntary and private-sector-led efforts to become more deeply embedded in federal regulation.

    SEC records show discussions with entities including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, State Street Global Advisors, the Business Roundtable, the Edison Electric Institute, Walmart and others as it seeks input on the matter, Axios reports.

    Recent years have brought a growing push to provide investors and regulators more information about the ways climate change creates risks for many kinds of companies. Think everything from how emissions policy and energy transition could affect fossil fuel producers, users and lenders to ways that climate change can affect physical assets and supply chains.

    Where various companies and lobbying groups come out on the topic as the SEC considers going beyond its 2010 “guidance” could have lasting impact on businesses. Read the full story.