Ruffino’s buyout advances with $3.5M sale of Baton Rouge restaurant

    After splitting ways with business partner Peter Sclafani III in October, Ruffin Rodrigue recently purchased Ruffino’s on Highland Road for $3.5 million, according to sales documents.

    The split, as previously reported by Daily Report, was the result of differing visions for the company. Rodrigue said the breakup was amicable, with the two agreeing Rodrigue would buyout Sclafani to become 100% owner of the company, which includes the original Ruffino’s location on Highland Road as well as Ruffino’s on the River in Lafayette and downtown’s Ruffino’s Catering.

    Rodrigue bought the 1.7-acre property through Ruffino’s Properties Baton Rouge LLC, of which he is the sole member, from P & R Developers LLC in a deal filed earlier this week.

    Bound by an agreement that any statements regarding the buyout would have to be mutually OK’d by both Rodrigue and Sclafani, Rodrigue was unable to comment before this morning’s deadline.

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