Roundup: Teen labor restrictions / More Anadarko bidding / Amazon accepts cash

    Clocking out: A proposal to loosen restrictions on employers who hire teenagers is stalled in the Louisiana House. Rep. Raymond Crews, R-Bossier City, proposed to increase the time a minor can work without a 30-minute break from five hours to eight hours. The idea was backed by the state’s restaurant association, but others say it prioritized the wants of employers over the needs of children who have school responsibilities. Read the full story.  

    Bidding war: Anadarko Petroleum said Monday that a $38 billion bid by Occidental Petroleum Corp. was superior to an offer it accepted from Chevron and that it will terminate the Chevron deal, The Wall Street Journal reports. Chevron now has four business days to make another offer, Anadarko said, though that period could be extended. Read the full story.

    Go, but with cash: Amazon launched its high-tech Go convenience store a year ago, where shoppers can pull items off the shelf and walk out. Now it’s adding a decidedly low-tech feature: accepting cash. Its new store opening in New York City today will be the first Amazon Go store to do so. At its other shops, customers can only enter with an app that links to a credit card or an Amazon account. Read the full story.

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