Roundup: State vaccine supply / COVID-19 ‘long-haulers’ / Crawfish prices 

    Extra doses: Louisiana is among several states that have stopped asking the federal government for their full allotment of COVID-19 vaccine, as the supply of coronavirus vaccine doses in the U.S. outpaces demand. To combat vaccine hesitancy, Louisiana continues to increase its outreach work with community organizations and faith-based leaders. Read the full story. 

    Pandemic’s hidden toll: One of the largest studies of COVID-19 “long haulers” has proved what many doctors suspected: Not only are many patients suffering a raft of health problems six months after infection, they’re also at significantly greater risk of dying, The Houston Chronicle reports. Survivors had a 59% increased risk of dying within six months after contracting the SARS-CoV-2 virus, researchers reported Thursday in the journal Nature. The excess mortality translates into about eight extra deaths per 1,000 patients. Read the full story. 

    Mudbugs: There was a small drop in crawfish prices around the Baton Rouge area this week, keeping things relatively cheap for the time being. According to the WBRZ Crawfish Price Index, the average cost of boiled crawfish was down to about $4.11 per pound this week. The average cost for live was down to $2.77 at restaurants polled for the price tracker. The cheapest boiled crawfish on the index were $3.29 per pound, and live are going for as low as $1.99. Read more here.