Roundup: State recovers tax refunds / Defending gator meat / Jeans hit Wall Street

    Take-backsies: Louisiana has recovered more than $22 million of tax refund overpayments made last week, the revenue department said Wednesday. Agency spokesman Byron Henderson says more than 80% of the $26 million incorrectly sent to taxpayers has been recouped electronically, and the work continues to collect the remaining dollars. More than 66,700 taxpayers were double-paid their state tax refunds a week ago, in what state officials described as a computer processing error that was quickly corrected. Read the full story.

    Sustainability: U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy and the Louisiana delegation are defending the sustainable Louisiana alligator industry this week, expressing support for a proposed measure in the California legislature to remove a prohibition of the importation, possession or sale of alligator and crocodile products in their state. The members of the Louisiana delegation defended the sale of alligator products, saying it has a role in funding conservation efforts for the species. Read a story from Lafayette’s KALB-TV.

    Casual Thursday: The New York Stock Exchange community, including more than 300 traders, suspended its “no jeans allowed” policy today to celebrate Levi Strauss returning to the public markets. More than 120 employees from Levi’s global offices, including CEO Chip Bergh, are taking part in the event, wearing jeans and a white T-shirt with the company’s logo. Read the full story.  

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