Roundup: St. George situation / DoorDash ads / Pandemic recovery 

    Sound familiar: An affluent, largely white and generally conservative Atlanta neighborhood—tired of rising crime and a local government that’s politically its opposite—is taking steps to breakaway from the state’s largest city. Dubbed Buckixt, residents of Buckhead are petitioning the Georgia legislature to incorporate as a separate municipality called Buckhead City, carving off 20% of Atlanta’s population. Much like the ongoing debate in Baton Rouge, there are questions about Buckhead’s solvency as a city, its impact on Atlanta’s government and how it would manage municipal services. Read the full story from Axios

    Top placement: Third-party delivery service DoorDash has started selling restaurant ads that appear on top of the search results in its app. The company also built an online platform that lets restaurants purchase the placements via a bidding system, without the help of an ad-sales person, according to The Wall Street Journal. The move comes as a growing number of consumer-facing businesses, including Walmart and CVS, have been offering advertisers more ways to reach customers by using retailer data. Read the full story.  

    Downgraded: The International Monetary Fund is slightly downgrading its outlook for the global recovery from the pandemic recession, reflecting the persistence of supply chain disruptions. In its latest World Economic Outlook being released today, the IMF foresees global growth this year of 5.9%, compared with its projection in July of 6%. Read more.