Roundup: Self-pour taproom /Lottery drawings / Canadian tourists, eh?

    Bartenders not needed: Mid Tap, the city’s first self-pour taproom, is set to open April 26 in the Arlington Marketplace. The 2,100-square-foot business—originally planned for Government Street—will offer 40 beer taps, eight wine taps, as well as kombucha and cider. Small plates, such as sliders, wings, charcuterie boards and appetizers will also be available.

    Winnings: Louisiana Lottery claimed some $13.6 million in scratch-off cash prizes in March. The Lottery also reported more than $8.2 million won during drawings held that month. Draw-style game winnings included seven Powerball match-4 + PB prizes totaling $350,000 and 132 Powerball match-4 prizes totaling $13,200, among others. While actual game performance and the amount of prizes claimed will vary from month to month, the Lottery allocates nearly 54% of sales to fund prizes. At least 35% of sales is transferred to the state treasury for the Minimum Foundation Program that funds K-12 public education in Louisiana.

    Oh Canada: The Louisiana Office of Tourism announced today it is meeting with tour operators and travel agents this week in Toronto and Montreal as part of an international sales and marketing mission. Canadians have been a dominant international market since the Louisiana Office of Tourism began in the mid-1980s. Nearly 40% of the state’s international visitors are from Canada. Ontario is home to the largest share of these travelers. In 2018, more than 57,000 total passengers flew the Air Canada direct flight between Toronto and New Orleans.

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