Roundup: NOLA king cake king dies / Home security drones / Cities looking for ‘good cops’

    Remembering: Manuel Randazzo Sr., the last living creator of the original Randazzo family king cake recipe, died last week at 91 years old. The Randazzo family business first opened in 1965, originally operated by Sam Randazzo and his sons Lawrence, Manuel and Anthony. As the family business grew, so did the Randazzo name, eventually becoming synonymous with king cakes and Mardi Gras culture. Read more.

    Big brother Amazon: Seattle tech giant Amazon is moving closer to bringing “home security” drones to the market after winning approval from federal officials this month for a patent. While company officials stress that the plan is still in its infancy, the patent papers describe a future in which Amazon customers order drones to hover around a home and scan for things such as a garage door left open, a broken window, graffiti or a fire. Read more.

    Good cop, bad cop: Following multiple controversies in recent years over police-involved fatal shootings, a few big cities are changing their hiring process for police officers. By putting more emphasis on applicants’ emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills earlier on in the hiring process, they’re trying to take a preventive approach. Read more.

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