Roundup: MovEBR contracts vote / Happy dog owners / Louisiana top in STDs

    Final four: Four firms are participating in interviews today for two program manager contracts to oversee the $1 billion MovEBR parishwide road improvements program. Stantec, Gotech and Volkert are vying for a contract to oversee nearly $300 million of community enhancement projects, such as the creation of sidewalks. Stantec and Volkert are also vying to for the other, larger contract to oversee nearly $800 million worth of capacity enhancement projects, along with CSRS. Following the interviews, the selection board will recommend a firm for each contract. Read a recent Daily Report story about the contract process.  

    Tails wagging: In 2018, the General Social Survey for the first time included a battery of questions on pet ownership. The findings not only quantified the nation’s pet population but made it possible to see how pet ownership overlaps with other things, The Washington Post reports. For starters, there is little difference between pet owners and non-owners when it comes to happiness, the survey shows. But when you break the data down by pet type a divide emerges: Dog owners are about twice as likely as cat owners to say they’re very happy, with people owning both falling somewhere in between. Read the full story.   

    Sickness: Based on a recent Department of Public Health report, Louisiana holds the top three spots in the nation for some of the most common sexually transmitted diseases, syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea, KPLCf-TV reports. According to the Department of Public Health, youth are the most affected. Read the full story.

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