Roundup: McDonald’s hack / Main Street Recovery Program / Tony Spell

    Cybersecurity: McDonald’s has become the latest company to be hit by a data breach after unauthorized activity on its network exposed the personal data of some customers in South Korea and Taiwan. McDonald’s said earlier today that it quickly identified and contained the incident and that a thorough investigation was done. Read the full story. 

    Exempt from state taxes: State Treasurer John Schroder announced today that Main Street Recovery Program grants are not subject to state taxes under legislation that recently became state law. SB11 by state Sen. Kirk Talbot created the state tax exemption for COVID-19 disaster relief that businesses report in federal gross income. The exemption will be applied retroactively. The new law applies only to state tax obligations. For federal income tax purposes, the grants still will be taxed. 

    Shooting of alligator: Pastor Tony Spell, who made a name for himself by violating safety regulations during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, was ticketed this past week for killing an alligator near his church. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries said Spell shot the animal behind the Life Tabernacle Church in Central on June 5. The agency was notified about the incident after Spell posted photos of the dead gator on social media. WBRZ-TV has the full story.