Roundup: Low Mississippi River / Car prices / Generator recalls 

    Transport restrictions: Hot, dry weather has left the Mississippi River so low that barge companies are reducing their loads just as farmers are preparing to harvest crops and send tons of corn and soybeans to the Gulf of Mexico. The transport restrictions are a headache for barge companies, but even more worrisome for farmers who now face higher prices to transport. Read the full story. 

    Strike impact: Car shoppers are heading for a new round of sticker shock if the strike by the United Auto Workers doesn’t end soon, particularly for popular vehicles that are already in short supply. The number of vehicles on dealer lots will shrink the longer the walkout goes on and dealers are likely to lose incentives that the manufacturers pay them to boost sales. Consumers might make things worse with panic-buying. Read more. 

    Fire hazard: Generac Power Systems is recalling over 60,000 of its portable generators due to serious fire and burn hazards, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. According to the CPSC, the recalled generators’ fuel tank “can fail to vent adequately from the rollover valve, causing the gas tank to build up excess pressure and expel fuel when opened, posing fire and burn hazards.” USA Today has the full story.