Roundup: Lakes project / LSU Health / Coffee-based Pepsi 

    Cleanup: More than 500 grass-eating carp were released into a City Park Lake on Thursday to help gobble up vegetation taking over the water, Baton Rouge parks and recreation officials say. The combination of a warmer winter and an excess of nutrients from runoff has allowed vegetation to flourish in the 60-acre lake. The fish cost around $5.50 each and it will take about six months for them to make a visible dent in the overgrowth. Read the full story

    Top 10: Nursing Schools Almanac has just released its 2019 rankings of the best U.S. nursing schools, and LSU Health New Orleans School of Nursing jumped in the rankings to the No. 8, and No. 3 among public nursing schools. Read the full announcement from LSU.   

    Wired: PepsiCo Inc. plans to start selling Pepsi Cafe in the U.S. in April. The drink blends the tastes of coffee and cola, and nearly doubles the amount of caffeine in a regular Pepsi, the Los Angeles Times reports. It will come in two flavors, original and vanilla. Pepsi Cafe is the latest product the company plans to introduce as it responds to changing beverage preferences. Read the full story.  

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