Roundup: Inmate housing bill / Island evacuation / Farmers’ aid

    Bump up: The Louisiana House has unanimously agreed to boost the amount the state pays parish sheriffs for housing state inmates in local jails, an increase that will, if approved, eventually cost $30 million per year. The proposal from Rep. Katrina Jackson, D-Monroe, would gradually increase the amount Louisiana pays sheriffs for each inmate from $24.39 to $29.39 per day. The rate would grow over a three-year period. Read the full story.

    Leaving home: The roughly 40 residents of Isle de Jean Charles, which is sinking into the Gulf of Mexico, are working with legal representatives and case managers hoping to help them relocate as soon as possible. Resettlement options include moving into a planned 150-home community or getting funding for a home elsewhere, but the Louisiana Office of Community Development must use the federal relocation funding allocated for the island’s residents by September 2022. Read the full story.

    Support: The Trump administration is preparing to announce a substantial aid package for farmers as early as later today, one of several recent moves aimed at helping those hurt by the trade war, The New York Times reports. The administration will attempt to further cushion the trade wars blow with a second bailout package aimed at helping farmers who have lost sales and market share as a result of the trade war, which could be larger than the initial $12 billion financial support program it rolled out last year, a portion of which went to Louisiana farmers. Read the full story.  

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