Roundup: Hurricane protection / Amazon wants faster delivery / Coal use down

    Waterproofing: The Army Corps of Engineers has meetings Tuesday and Wednesday to hear what south-central Louisiana residents want from to a feasibility study for hurricane protection and storm damage reduction. Officials say approaches being considered range from realigning levees to floodproofing and even buying out homes. Floodproofing includes making living areas watertight and so-called “wet floodproofing ” to limit damages in non-living areas. Read the full story.  

    Quit, please: Amazon, racing to deliver packages faster, is turning to its employees with a proposition: Quit your job and we’ll help you start a business delivering Amazon packages. The offer, announced this morning, is an incentive to get more packages delivered to shoppers’ doorsteps faster. Amazon says it will cover up to $10,000 in startup costs for employees who are accepted into the program and leave their jobs. Read the full story.

    Changeup: The nation’s power generators will use less coal this summer and more natural gas, reflecting the recent closure of coal-fired plants around the country, The Houston Chronicle reports. The Department of Energy forecasts that coal will provide 25% of U.S. electricity generation this summer, down from 28% last summer. Natural gas, the nation’s single biggest power source, is expected to supply 40% of power generation this summer, up from 39% last summer. Read the full story.

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