Roundup: Federal help / McRib / Netflix price hikes 

    Debris removal: The federal government will pick up the full cost of 30 days of debris removal and other emergency response activity in Louisiana for Hurricane Laura. President Donald Trump has authorized the federal spending for debris pickup, emergency protective measures and direct federal aid to individuals for a continuous 30-day period that the state will set, U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy and Gov. John Bel Edwards each announced today.  Usually, the state must pay a 25% cost share for the federal assistance. Cassidy, a Republican running for reelection this fall, says he personally asked Trump for the federal government to cover the costs, rather than asking Louisiana to pay a share. Laura made landfall in Cameron Parish on Aug. 27, devastating large portions of southwest Louisiana and thousands of residents remain displaced.  

    It’s back: McRib, the fast-food sandwich that went viral before viral was a thing, is back. McDonald’s announced today that for the first time in eight years it is bringing back its barbeque slathered sandwich with the cult following nationwide. The McRib will appear on menus Dec. 2, for a limited time. The McRib is an elusive prize for adherents, who scour the internet for reports of its surfacing at limited locations. There is even a website called the McRib Locator, created to spread the word about McDonald’s restaurants that are offering the boneless pork sandwich served with slivered onions and pickles on top. Read the full story. 

    Fee increases: Netflix is raising most of its U.S. prices by 8% to 13% as its video streaming service rides a wave of rising popularity spurred by government-imposed lockdowns that corralled people at home during the fight against the pandemic. The increases imposed today boost the cost of Netflix’s most popular U.S. streaming plan by $1 to $14 per month while a premium plan that allows more people to watch the service on different screens simultaneously will now cost $2 more at $18 per month. Netflix’s basic U.S. plan remains at $9 per month. It marks Netflix’s first price changes in the U.S. since an increase rolled out early last year. New U.S. subscribers will be charged the higher prices immediately while the increases will affect existing customers in phases during the next few months. Read the full story.