Roundup: Election day /  Electric car cost / COVID hot spots 

    Geaux vote: Louisiana’s statewide election featuring four constitutional amendments will take place Saturday, Nov. 13, with polls open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. The constitutional amendments on the ballot are related to tax and state budget policy. If approved, they could impact the collection of sales taxes, income tax rates, state budget spending and local levee board taxes. Read more about the amendments from Business Report. 

    Fueling up: Automakers plan to electrify their future lineups, upending the way drivers fuel. Congress just gave a jolt to those efforts, passing a $1 trillion infrastructure bill that includes billions for EV charging. What does it cost to “fill up” an electric vehicle? Is it really cheaper? Data shows it is—if you charge at home—to the tune of a dollar or two each day, or a few nice coffees each week, The Wall Street Journal reports. But on road trips, the situation reverses if you stop for a fast charge. Gasoline usually wins out. Read the full story.   

    Looking ahead: While trends are improving in Louisiana and other states that bore the worst of the summer surge, the delta variant of COVID-19 isn’t done yet. States in the Mountain West and northern U.S. are seeing new infection spikes, which experts say could be a sign of what’s to come as the weather gets colder across the country. Read the full story.