Roundup: Economic rebound / Moderna vaccine / Chevron wind investment

    Fed survey: A Federal Reserve survey has found that the economy was rebounding in late February through early April, helped by billions of dollars in a new round of stimulus payments and the stepped-up rollout of coronavirus vaccines. The new survey released this morning shows that the Fed’s business contacts around the country were expressing more optimism about the economy’s outlook as activity accelerated. See the full survey results.

    A third shot: Moderna hopes to have a booster shot for its two-dose COVID-19 vaccine available in the fall, CNBC reports. Last month, the National Institutes of Health began testing a variety of offerings from Moderna to use as a third shot designed to boost immunity protection as concern grows about emerging variants. The Food and Drug Administration’s approach to authorizing modified COVID-19 vaccines is similar to that of annual flu vaccines, meaning they could be cleared for emergency use without lengthy clinical trials. Read the full story.  

    Offshore turbines: Chevron’s venture capital arm and Moreld Ocean Wind agreed to invest in Ocergy’s development and commercialization of floating offshore wind turbines, according to The Houston Chronicle. The investment by Chevron Technology Ventures is its first in offshore wind. The size of the investments weren’t disclosed. Floating turbines would be useful in ocean areas that are too deep for fixed turbines. See the full story.