Roundup: COVID-19 victims / Louisiana coastal watershed / CPRA budget

    Moment of silence: President Joe Biden will mark the U.S. crossing 500,000 lives lost from COVID-19 with a moment of silence and candle lighting ceremony today at the White House. The nation is expected to pass the grim milestone today, just over a year after the first confirmed U.S. fatality due to the novel coronavirus. The White House said Biden will deliver remarks at sunset to honor those who lost their lives. Read the full story

    Floodplain management: Scientists at LSU’s College of the Coast & Environment today announced a plan to analyze Louisiana’s patchwork of regulations to get a big picture view of how parish-level and state policies influence current conditions in the coastal watershed. This research is part of the Louisiana Watershed Initiative and will assess how to improve deficiencies in the state’s approach to floodplain management and community planning across all levels of government. See LSU’s announcement

    Fiscal outlook: The Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority expects to spend $887 million next fiscal year if the money is available, according to a draft plan the CPRA director presented Friday to the board. Of that total, $633 million, or 71%, would be spent on construction. Other uses involve planning, design, maintenance and general operation costs. Estimated spending totals $930 million the following fiscal year and $1 billion the year after that. The Center Square has the-= full story about the CPRA plans for next year.