Roundup: BREW / Phi Kappa Psi / Oil and gas recovery 

    Competition: NexusLA is now accepting applications from qualified startup companies for the BREW High-Stakes Pitch Competition taking place Jan. 21, 2021, which, following a semifinal round on Jan. 7, 2021, will see four finalist companies pitch head-to-head in front of a panel of judges and a limited in-person audience for a chance at a large investment prize pledged by a pool of accredited investors. Companies wishing to apply to pitch must meet a set of base requirements to be considered eligible. Companies may submit their application to pitch on the BREW 10 website at  

    Call for change: After a member of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity was arrested Monday in connection with an alleged hazing incident that sent a new member to the hospital, advocates are sounding alarms, saying it’s time for a cultural change. A year after the Maxwell Gruver case came to a close, the teen’s family is speaking out about this new incident, WAFB-TV reports. “The countless occurrences of hazing before Max’s tragic passing should have been enough to stop hazing. Max’s death as a result of a dangerous fraternity ritual should have been enough to stop hazing. Yet it seems no one is listening, so these tragedies continue,” Gruver’s family members wrote in a statement. Read the full story. 

    Natural gas reprieve: A split reality is emerging for U.S. shale drillers: Those that primarily pump oil are still struggling to survive, while those that produce natural gas are slowly seeing signs of recovery, The Wall Street Journal reports. Oil-focused fracking companies are under extreme financial strain, as renewed concerns about the coronavirus pandemic are weighing down crude prices. But gas-focused drillers are getting a long-awaited reprieve. Natural gas prices are climbing ahead of winter, and are less sensitive to lockdowns that erode demand for transportation fuels. Read the full story.