Roundup: BRAF aids Argentina / 15% ethanol ban lifted / Ecosystem Renewal director awarded

    Granted: The Baton Rouge Area Foundation has approved a $75,000 grant to Tulane University and The Water Institute of the Gulf to support their work in developing a plan to remake the waterfront in Quilmes, Argentina. Tulane’s School of Architecture and the Institute will provide the needed coastal science and urban repair advice needed for policymakers, scientists and designers in that region of Argentina to reinvent its coastline.

    Ethanol: The Trump administration is following through on a plan to allow year-round sales of gasoline mixed with 15% ethanol, though some say the move is undercut by a policy that gives oil refineries waivers allowing them to use reduced levels of the additive. The change ends a summertime ban on the 15% blend imposed out of concerns for increased smog, and environmental groups contend the U.S. Clean Air Act prohibits year-round sales of E15 so it is expected to be challenged in court. Read the full story.

    National titles: Danny Moran, the managing director of Baton Rouge-based EcoSystem Renewal, was elected vice chairman of the National Environmental Banking Association during the group’s annual meeting in Minneapolis earlier this month.

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