Roundup: Atomic Burger / All those robocalls / Felony voter registrations

    Slow down! Overrun with customers on its opening day, new restaurant Atomic Burger was forced to temporarily cut back their operating hours after the drive-thru line stretched out into the road on Wednesday, WAFB-TV reports. The restaurant, located in Arlington Marketplace near LSU, reached out to customers through its social media telling them the staff appreciated the enthusiasm but couldn’t keep up. Read the full story.  

    Don’t pick up: The total number of robocalls received nationwide in March was approximately 5.2 billion, robocall blocker YouMail reports. Atlanta once again topped the list of cities with the most robocalls with 208 million robocalls received. On a calls-per-person basis, Baton Rouge was second on the list, at 55 calls. See the full report.

    No surge: Data from the Louisiana secretary of state’s office shows no uptick in the number of felons who registered to vote in March compared to those who signed up in February, CBS reports. Sixty-eight felons in the state had their voting rights reinstated in March, down 10 from the 78 in February. On March 1, an estimated 36,000 more felons were eligible to vote under a new law that allowed voter registration for people on probation or parole for a felony if they haven’t been incarcerated at least five years. Read the full story.

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