Roundup: Allergy season / Bayou Bridge pipeline / Solar panel tax credit  

    Achoo!: The Asthma and Allergy Foundation released its annual Spring Allergy Capitals list, with Baton Rouge taking the No. 9 spot for worst city in the country for spring allergies, WAFB-TV reports. The report identifies the 100 most challenging places for spring allergy sufferers to live, with McAllen, Texas, coming in at the top spot. The scores are based on pollen numbers, medication usage, and availability of board-certified allergists in the area. Read the full story.

    Pipeline: Energy Transfer and Phillips 66 Partners announced today that the second phase of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline is complete and ready for service. The 163-mile, 24-inch pipeline will transport crude oil from Lake Charles to terminalling facilities outside St. James beginning April 1. The first phase of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline went into service in April 2016, and currently transports multiple grades of crude oil through 49 miles of 30-inch pipe from Nederland, Texas, to Lake Charles. Read the full announcement here.  

    Ruling: The Louisiana Supreme Court declared moot a lawsuit filed by homeowners who said they were unfairly denied state tax credits for installing solar panels. At issue was Louisiana’s generous solar panel tax credit which lawmakers voted to cap and ultimately phase out after it became too expensive. Some homeowners sued after they were caught short, having installed expensive solar systems in anticipation of the maximum $12,500 credit, only to have it reduced or denied. Read the full story.

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