Restaurant success tied to street size 

    Location, location, location truly does matter in the Manhattan restaurant scene, according to The Washington Post. 

    An analysis by New York City resident and engineer Alex Bell found that restaurants located on smaller streets, versus the larger avenues, get better ratings on Yelp. 

    Bell’s personal study looked at 20,000 Yelp restaurant reviews and found that restaurants with a rating of 4.5 stars or higher were about 50% more likely to be on a street, rather than an avenue. 

    The Post related this phenomenon back to smaller towns, where main roadways are often filled with fast-food or fast-casual restaurants, while beloved hole-in-the-wall joints are tucked away from busy areas. 

    The disparity is reportedly tied to the difference in foot traffic. The smaller streets see fewer pedestrians but offset that with optimized food quality to keep customers’ interest. Avenues, with larger foot traffic, have no problem generating customers–but it’s the volume they have to cope with, not the food. 

    Read the full report here.

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