Research Park revamping its corporate engagement strategy

    The Research Park Corporation is revamping its corporate engagement strategy, retaining a group of consultants to change the way the organization does fundraising.

    Last month, RPC hired Brooks Thompson Consulting—Beverly Brooks Thompson’s local fundraising and philanthropic consulting firm—to refine RPC’s value proposition, create a timeline for evaluating its organizational structure, reexamine its budget and come up with a case for corporations to financially support the organization’s events. The group had two sessions with Thompson before her company became a part of national firm Carter Global last month. 

    Since then, RPC rewrote its agreement; this time, it’s a $22,800 contract with Carter Global, starting Aug. 1 and lasting until Jan. 31, 2020. Thompson is still part of the team of consultants lending its services.

    “We need to find ways to get corporations and individuals plugged in for financial support, help our startup companies and engage with the apprenticeship program to fill workforce needs,” says Genevieve Silverman, RPC executive director.

    That could involve increased opportunities for mentorship, she says, as well as different kinds of speaking engagements, new ways to attract event sponsorships or chances to collaborate on fundraising with other organizations within the innovation ecosystem.

    With only a couple of formal meetings, Silverman says they haven’t yet established any concrete strategic goals. But they’re needed, she says, since the RPC has expanded over the past three years to include Baton Rouge Entrepreneurship Week and the Apprenti program, among others.

    In conjunction with the completion of a fundraising strategy will be the launch of a three-year strategic plan for the RPC.

    Silverman says she’s working on creating a temporary committee of RPC board members who will meet to come up with key goals for the strategic plan, write an initial outline and meet with Silverman to provide feedback on a final draft.

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