Red Onion owner: Listen to your customers

    Brenda Goff got her first taste of the garden industry while working at a local nursery for four years. As Business Report covers in its new Entrepreneur feature, while Goff enjoyed helping people perfect flora for their homes and gardens, she always wanted to start her own business.

    In 2002, Goff opened Red Onion on a nine-acre property nestled off Perkins Road that feels far from bustling Baton Rouge.

    Red Onion was initially a small nursery stocked with flags, watering cans and other gardening accessories commonly found at big box retailers. However, over the years Goff has refined her inventory choices, crediting the store’s customers for pushing her to mold Red Onion into the boutique home and garden retailer it is today.

    “I stopped buying all the things you could get anywhere else and started carving out a niche with things that are more unique and substantial. If you listen to your customers, it will mold your business into something you may not have planned.”  

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