Record number of Louisiana 2018 graduates enrolled in college for fall semester

    A record 25,083 public high school graduates from the class of 2018 enrolled in college for the fall immediately following graduation, an increase of 1,566 over the Class of 2017 and an increase of 4,626 over the class of 2012, the Louisiana Department of Education and Board of Regents announced.

    The number of graduates attending higher education after graduating from high school has increased by 23% since 2012, and more than half of the growth comes from African American students pursuing education and training after high school. Nearly 2,500 more African American graduates from the class of 2018 enrolled in higher education than did from the class of 2012.

    The results announced today follow the release of the statewide graduation results for the class of 2018, the highest achieving cohort in the state’s history. Those results showed increases in the overall graduation rate, the rate at which students earn early-college credit, the number of graduates qualifying for TOPS scholarships and the number of seniors completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

    Among the other highlights of the college-bound graduates from the class of 2018 are that more than 2,500 more students of color, nearly 5,000 more economically disadvantaged students, and 400 more students with disabilities enrolled in college in 2018 than did in 2012. The proportion of graduates enrolling in two- versus four-year colleges has remained steady, with 29% of college-bound graduates enrolled in two-year colleges, and 71% enrolled in four-year colleges.

    The percentage of graduates enrolling in out-of-state colleges has also inched upward. In 2018, 88% of high school graduates enrolled in an in-state college, while 12% enrolled in an out-of-state college. That’s a slight increase from 2017, when the percentages were 89% and 11%, respectively.

    Twenty-two school systems exceeded the state’s average graduation rate and college enrollment rate in 2018. The top three school systems to do this with the highest college enrollment rates are Zachary, West Feliciana, and St. James parishes—all of which topped 68%. Read the full report.

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