Recalibrated Strength and Conditioning trains gym-goers at their fitness level

    For as long as he can remember, Chris Fairley has always been involved in something athletic. From playing collegiate soccer and serving in the United States Coast Guard to frequenting a friend’s Crossfit gym in Baton Rouge, Fairley describes himself as a fitness enthusiast.

    In 2015, as Business Report details in its new Entrepreneur Feature, Fairley saw an opportunity to grow the local Crossfit community and opened his own gym, Crossfit Kingfish.  

    The venture later evolved into a mission to create a space that offers functional training for all fitness levels. He teamed up with business partner Trent Luecke to open Recalibrated Strength and Conditioning on Anselmo Lane, and the pair has spent the past two years expanding their business and personal training options to cater to every type of athlete.

    Whether they’re flipping tires or filing payroll, these Crossfitters-turned-business owners are constantly contemplating new ways to serve their members and grow their client base. Read the full story for more about how they developed their programming to help people reach their fitness goals. Send comments to  


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