PSC updates solar ‘net-metering’ rules 

    The Louisiana Public Service Commission today passed a proposal that revises the state’s rules for so-called “net metering,” which allows owners for solar power systems to receive credit or reimbursement from their utility company for excess electricity they create. 

    According to a news release from Public Service Commissioner Craig Greene, the PSC has changed the reimbursement amount solar users receive from retail rate to a market rate, which could lower the amount of savings solar users get. However, the new policy grandfathers in—at their current net metering rates—all residential solar customers who have installed solar before the end of this year until 2034.  

    The commissioners’ vote today also removes the cap on customers and ensures that all solar power uses can get reimbursements. It is worth noting that Entergy, Louisiana’s largest utility company, released a statement to WVUE-DT earlier this week that compared those with solar power to about 1% of their total customer base.  

    Green energy advocates and environmentalists protested the original proposal, saying it would detract people from investing in residential solar power systems. 

    Greene said in his news release that the new rule “conserves the things important to solar customers and provides a path to long term viability for residential solar in Louisiana.” 

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