Proposed MovEBR program manager contracts to cost $13M

    The two MovEBR program manager contracts, set to be introduced at today’s Metro Council meeting, comes with a combined $13 million price tag—and involves 16 firms—for the first 18 months of management of the $1.3 billion road improvements project.

    The contract for the CSRS team, responsible for the $800 million of capacity enhancement projects, has a $7.5 million price tag and includes seven firms. The contract for the Stantec team, managing nearly $300 million of community and corridor improvement projects, has a $5.6 million price tag and includes nine firms.

    The contracts are for an initial 18-month term, ending Dec. 31, 2020. The city-parish will renegotiate the contracts every two years, including cost and scope of work, says Kelvin Hill, the mayor’s assistant chief administrative officer over public works.

    The city-parish negotiated the fee agreements with a 2.85 multiplier, representing about a 7.5% profit margin for program managers, according to the mayor’s office, which estimates the fees to be a 20% cost improvement over terms negotiated for the Green Light program.

    “We feel that our negotiations have resulted in a fair and balanced contract for all parties,” said Mayor Sharon Weston Broome in a statement.

    The sub-consulting firms involved in the contracts include several construction, engineering and public relations firms, as well as nonprofit MetroMorphosis.

    The CSRS team includes HNTB, Civil Solutions Consulting, Gotech, Eduok & Associates, Vectura and Franklin & Associates. The Stantec team includes Sigma Consulting Group, Integrated Logistical Support, ECM Consultants, Manning Architects, Marmillion/Gray Media, MetroMorphosis, Alpha Media and Public Relations and Covalent Logic.

    Included in the scope of work for each contract is a small business outreach section, which encourages program managers to maximize contracting opportunities for small and disadvantaged businesses through the MovEBR program.

    After the contracts are introduced at the council meeting tonight, a public hearing will be held at the June 26 meeting when the council is expected to vote on the contracts.

    “If they’re approved, we’ll get the contracts signed and get started July 1,” Hill says.

    Officials expect the new half-cent sales tax—approved by voters last year to fund the MovEBR program—to generate $32 million in 2019. Collections began April 1. Average annual collections are expected to generate $46 million.

    The $7.5 million contract will be divided up among seven firms as follows:

    • CSRS: $4.1 million
    • HNTB: $1.9 million
    • Civil Solutions: $237,005
    • Gotech: $671,677
    • Eduok & Associates: $104,000
    • Vectura: $126,360
    • Franklin & Associates: $296,326

    The $5.6 million contract will be divided up among nine firms as follows:

    • Stantec: $2.7 million
    • Sigma Consulting: $1.3 million
    • Integrated Logistical Support: $287,000
    • ECM Consultants: $410,600
    • Manning Architects: $61,600
    • Marmillion/Gray Media: $186,200
    • MetroMorphosis: $371,200
    • Alpha Media: $100,300
    • Covalent Logic: $110,000

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