Premier Geotech and Testing founders look to close industry gap

    Growing up in a family of developers, Premier Geotech and Testing President Mike Juneau fondly recalls trekking through construction sites alongside his father and aspiring to go into business for himself one day.

    As Business Report covers in its new Entrepreneur feature, he started his career as a project manager at Professional Services Industries Inc., where he met Jason Engen, who joined PSI as a department manager after retiring from the U.S. Air Force.

    Juneau considered launching his own firm but the timing wasn’t right—he was young and didn’t have the relationships to make it work. In 2011, he began working for Southern Earth Sciences Inc. As fate would have it, Engen joined the Southern Earth Sciences team in 2015.

    Last summer, Juneau took a leap of faith and approached Engen about going into business for themselves. “One day it hit me—this is my time,” he says. “If I don’t do this now, I never will, and I’ll be damned if the stars didn’t align. Where Jason’s strong, I’m weak.”

    Together they founded Premier Geotech and Testing with Engen taking on the role of executive vice president, aiming to fill what they perceive as a gap in the geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing industry.  

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