PMAC self-serve concession kiosks a possibility for Tiger Stadium

    After deploying eight self-serve concession kiosks in the Pete Maravich Assembly Center this past spring, LSU athletics says it’s seeing increases in concession order sizes and positive responses from fans.

    Rather than stand and wait in a packed concession line, LSU basketball and gymnastics fans had the option this year to order hot dogs, fries and other standard concession fares from one of eight touch-screen Zoom-branded kiosks, picking up their order after self-handling the transaction. A fan opting for a kiosk had an order size that was, on average, 16%-25% larger than that of a fan who waited in line.

    Robert Munson, senior associate athletic director, says LSU began deploying the kiosks from Appetize, the parent company behind Zoom, this year as a way to improve the fan experience, part of a broader goal it’s already been working toward for football fans. One thing they realized is that aging facilities like the PMAC, which was built in the ‘70s, don’t offer fans many points of sale—or the capability to physically increase the size of a general concession stand.

    “This type of setup increases the number of points of sale and allows for a much faster, more efficient process for fans,” says Munson, noting the kiosks cut concession staffing by roughly two-thirds.

    Viewing the kiosks as a pilot program, he says LSU is still monitoring feedback from fan surveys to gauge reactions. While early fan adoption was “light,” Munson says as the respective seasons progressed and more customer service reps were placed near the stands the feedback to LSU was increasingly positive.

    The athletic department is strongly considering implementing the kiosks in Tiger Stadium and Alex Box Stadium for the upcoming football and baseball seasons, though Munson says they would still have to iron out specifics.

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