Planned Spanish Town apartment complex heads back to Planning Commission in October

    After an April deferral, the developers of a 122-unit apartment complex planned for families and veterans in Spanish Town are heading back to the Planning Commission seeking approval for the development.

    The project’s application has been deferred several times since last December as developers worked to align the complex’s number of parking spaces with the Unified Development Code. At 126 spaces, the $22 million development falls short of the 155 spaces required by the UDC. 

    The project is being developed by the Renaissance Neighborhood Development Corporation, a subsidiary of Volunteers for America Southeast Louisiana.

    Last month, the Metro Council approved the revocation of Gayosa Street’s 50-foot-wide right-of-way, extending from 14th Street to 15th Street, to be used for parking and access to the planned three-story complex. The complex is planned for the 2.6-acre city block across from Spanish Town Park on North 13th Street.

    Planning Director Frank Duke says with the revocation approved, the developers should have submitted a post-revocation plat, detailing the property, by Sept. 5, but he hasn’t received it. Revised drawings for the proposed complex would need to be resubmitted to the Planning Department by Sept. 30. 

    “The problem is, I can’t review the plans until you have the post-revocation plat,” says Duke, adding that if they submitted the documents soon, the department could begin reviewing them as soon as next week, although that gives the developers “virtually no time to correct the drawings” should problems arise. 

    Vanessa Levine, RNDC development director, previously told Daily Report that RNDC was hoping for an early 2021 opening of the complex, which will consist of 62 one-bedroom units, 54 two-bedroom apartments and six three-bedroom units. Levine was unable to be reached before this afternoon’s deadline for more information. 

    The Planning Commission will consider the SPUD application at its October meeting


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