Perfection quest: Aesthetic medicine is big in Baton Rouge

    After years in the shadows, the aesthetic medicine industry has suddenly gone mainstream, and men are as big a part of the craze as anyone—even in Baton Rouge.

    College students seek fuller lips. Men are eager to smooth deep wrinkles. Sales and real estate professionals want to look younger than the competition. A nip here, a tuck there or hair replacement everywhere; aesthetic medicine has become equal opportunity big business.

    As Business Report details in its new cover story, these cosmetic procedures no longer narrowed to wealthy older women.

    There are a few reasons why: 1) Advancements in minimally invasive procedures that are so quick and easy no one has to know—think “lunchtime Botox,” and 2) the age of the Instagram selfie and Snapchat filter, creating something of an image-obsessed culture.

    Consumers aren’t driving this trend alone, though. Medical providers are also drawn in by the fact that most aesthetic procedures are not covered by insurance, which means quick payouts. It’s why Botox has become so widely available, from dentist offices to family medicine clinics. Problem is, not all providers are equal—some even lack proper training.

    “Baton Rouge is a hot market for aesthetic medicine,” says Dr. Ann Zedlitz, who founded Z Aesthetic Dermatology in 2011 and has since seen the industry take off. “I see a lot of physicians getting into the market and non-physicians, unfortunately. I believe they saw dollar signs.”

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