One in three female lawyers have been sexually harassed

    A third of all female attorneys has been sexually harassed at work, and half have been bullied, according to responses to a global survey.

    The International Bar Association survey—based on the online responses of 6,980 attorneys from 135 countries—found sexual harassment in the industry is “common” and bullying is “rife.”

    Since the #MeToo movement kicked off two years ago, Bloomberg reports, law firms have been hired to advise corporations on how to handle harassment allegations. IBA president Horacio Bernardes Neto said attorneys needed to get their own hiring and workplace behavior in order because of the risk of being called out for hypocrisy.

    “These are shocking numbers,” said Christina Blacklaws, president of the Law Society, which represents attorneys in England and Wales. “We really need to eradicate this.” Since many incidents go unreported, it’s possible that the industry “wasn’t aware of the scale and size of the problem,” she said.

    It’s the latest episode in a movement that’s seen women around the world speak out about behavior ranging from inappropriate comments to rape and assault, in the wake of allegations of serial predation by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, which he denies. Read the full story.

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