Not getting the COVID-19 vaccine could get you fired, experts warn

Not having the COVID-19 vaccine in your arm could get you the boot, Fast Company reports.

Experts say that refusing to be vaccinated against the disease is grounds for firing, though there are exceptions. The factors that may determine whether your employer has a legitimate claim to dismiss you include the reason why you’re declining, the type of industry you’re in, your job responsibilities and how you’ve done your work during the pandemic shutdown.

Employees who don’t want the vaccine simply because they don’t trust it are out of luck. 

Whether a former worker will be eligible to collect unemployment is uncertain. Will it be viewed as gross misconduct, or will an ex-employee with no history of willful misconduct, performance issues, disciple or theft be allowed to file? The answer will likely differ state by state.

But now isn’t the time for employers to be firing people, which gets to the other side of the vaccine-in-the-workplace quandary: Just because employers can mandate vaccines, should they?

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